Making technology

We Connect. We Secure. We Simplify. We Modernise.

Making technology

We Connect. We Secure. We Simplify. We Modernise.
Our story

Supporting more conscious, fit-for-purpose, technology investment choices.

We are network infrastructure specialists, with over 20 years experience. At VCG, our teams help you get to the next stage of your business journey, no matter how big or small your IT department is.

We believe you can maintain stability and develop flexibility and reach. We’ve got the knowhow to help you balance the pressures of today with the rewards of tomorrow.

Core technology pillars
We ensure your technology is fit for the future, simplifying choices and solving your business requirements. Our solutions are organised into four key technology pillars:
We Connect
Transforming networks for a connected world.
We Secure
Protecting your data, users and devices.
We Simplify
We manage networks with the best-in-class know-how.
We Modernise
Next-generation technology for the multi-cloud world.
  • Featured case study
    A bespoke SD WAN store model, designed by VCG, is enabling the swift and cost-effective launch of 60 new stores across Poland. Here’s how that partnership came about.
  • Featured case study
    The British Heart Foundation
    Implementation of a private, fully managed network helped BHF to securely and efficiently streamline the delivery of critical services including ecommerce applications, email, telephony, multimedia applications, CCTV and Wi-Fi
    Managed IT support
    Businesses need agile, efficient and user centric IT that adapts to their fast paced environments. That’s why VCG provide easy to consume and cost efficient managed services across our broad range of solutions so that you can scale and flex as your business grows.
    Experience the power of unified security services
    Zero cost 20 day cyber trial
    Making transformation doable
    More than just wires.

    Connectivity is the enabler of powerful digital transformation and business resilience.

    For small businesses, this means a more connected workforce, secure users, data and applications.

    We can help you balance and simplify connectivity options and access to the Cloud, with integrated services and access to more than just wires.

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