Best Broadband deals for your business

Best Broadband deals for your business

Getting your business up to speed
  • SoGea


    / month
      • Up to 80/20Mbs Speeds
      • Unlimited Usage
      • Widely available
      • Asynchronous
      • Support 24/7/365+
      • Managed Security: VCG Care & VCG Care+
    Full Fibre


    / month
      • Contended
      • Up to 1000/115 Mbps
      • Unlimited Usage​
      • Support 24/7/365
      • Increasing availability​
      • Asynchronous
      • VCG Care & VCG Care+ available ​​
    Dedicated Leased Lines


    / month
      • Uncontended
      • Up to 1 Gbps
      • Unlimited usage
      • UK wide coverage
      • Synchronous
      • Support 24/7/365​
      • VCG Care & VCG Care+ available
      • 5-hour fix
Choice of routers available with your Broadband package
We partner with top-tier vendors to offer you a selection of routers with our Broadband deals. Our broadband bundles feature routers from Draytek, OneAccess, and Fortigate to name a few. Our connectivity specialists are available to help you choose the most suitable option.
    • Your business transformation journey can bring in new risks, regardless how big or small your business is.  With VCG Connect, our technical advisory team can help you solve:

      • PSTN Migrations
      • Network Security
      • Single and multi-site connectivity
      • Journey to the Cloud
      • Distributed workforce challengesSupport & network management
    • High speed connectivity, regardless of location, underpins all business growth plans by enabling data to move quickly and securely around the organisation.

      As remote access and and cloud services are  more established, reliable and speedy connectivity is the vital enabler for enhanced customer experiences.

      These require secure, multi-site connectivity, data protection and seamless business continuity – all of which are core to our VCG Connect offering.

    • Enable more connectivity options and added services without compromising on price, speeds or reliability of service.

      Our VCG Connect Plus offering enables you to add additional layers of security, complementing existing firewall  infrastructure or enhanced VCG Care, for complete peace of mind:

      • Unified threat management, powered by Fortinet
      • Centralised management of network and security
      • Real-time threat detection
    • Our advanced remote diagnostic capabilities can help identify the most complex software issues and immediately access the latest updates and patching including, security updates.

      • System updates
      • Hardware updates and replacement
      • Device management service
      • Configuration change control


    • Managed by an inhouse team of specialists. We can provide a full stack monitoring services for all your critical applications and services.

      • 24/7 service
      • Network and connectivity monitoring
      • Event monitoring
      • Online reporting
      • Automated alerting
    • Hassle-free customer support, and a go-to Managed IT service to fit your business needs

      • One point of contact
      • Streamlined teams & robust escalation
      • Customer portal
      • Robust escalation
      • Customer experience
    • Problem:

      • High-speed internet connectivity to perform day-to-day business operations such as sending emails, processing online transactions, and accessing cloud-based applications.


      • A stable internet connection for video conferencing, cloud and remote collaboration, enabling low tech businesses to do more in the Cloud, stay productive and reduce disruptions.

      VCG Benefits:

      • Mitigate the risks of unreliable voice connectivity.
      • Easily upgrade your connectivity infrastructure for future business needs.
    • Problem:

      • Access to enterprise-level software without the need for expensive hardware or software.
      • Network security
      • Remote access solutions that allow employees to work from the office or on the go.


      • High-speed, stable and secure connectivity and networking options to keep every platform connected and ready for the future.

      VCG Benefits

      • A one-stop shop for connectivity, security and managed IT Support
      • Extra layers of security for your connectivity
    • Problem:

      • High-speed internet connectivity to support their larger workforce and more extensive digital operations. Dedicated fibre-optic or Ethernet connections can provide the necessary bandwidth and reliability.


      • A modern network that can handle cloud based and SaaS services. Scalable and flexible connectivity solutions for data storage, application hosting, and software licensing.
      • WAN reviews and tackling the PSTN Switch off and enterprise network requirements

      VCG Benefits:

      • Multi-site, multi-vendor options to secure on-premise and Cloud environments
      • Highest level of security solutions and architecture.
      • Distributed workforce solutions and technical advisory to solve business transformation challenges.
    • Helping you create networking, connectivity and cloud infrastructures that are built for the future as you transition to an agile, secure hybrid workforce

      Beaverbrooks enhance in-store experience – See case study

      The new system is already enabling our Area, Display, and Training managers to get better access to our Head Office systems when in-store. They can now easily connect to our wireless network giving them full and quick access to all our systems.

    • Accredited to the highest levels by our technology partners, including Cisco, Microsoft, AWS and Fortinet. ISO 9001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 accredited, ensuring the highest levels of service quality to keep you protected, compliant and connected.

      A fully-managed network, reducing costs and improving reliability – see case study

      ” BHF have been provided with a flexible solution which not only meets current needs but is also able to adapt to changing future requirements. “

    • Integrated security solutions across the entire attack surface area covering all layers of defence, with dynamic, automated security responses and continuity management, providing 24×365 real-time monitoring and threat mitigation.

      VCG re-architects and designs infrastructure for Hermes expansion – see case study

      ” Since working with VCG we have opened 17 new sites and deployed 12 ‘depot in a box’ solutions at great speed. The network infrastructure and design architecture in place has helped us grow as a business and expand our network rapidly and securely. They continually demonstrate the ability and agility to work to our changing demands, and our increased network capacity provides the evidence for that. ”


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  • Featured case study
    The new system is already enabling our Area, Display, and Training managers to get better access to our Head Office systems when in-store. They can now easily connect to our wireless network giving them full and quick access to all our systems.
  • Featured case study
    Wales & West Housing
    VCG partnered with Wales & West Housing to provide secure and visible internet access to their users across all devices, both on and off the corporate network.
  • Featured case study
    A bespoke SD WAN store model, designed by VCG, is enabling the swift and cost-effective launch of 60 new stores across Poland. Here’s how that partnership came about.
  • Featured case study
    The British Heart Foundation
    Implementation of a private, fully managed network helped BHF to securely and efficiently streamline the delivery of critical services including ecommerce applications, email, telephony, multimedia applications, CCTV and Wi-Fi