Fibre broadband myths: addressing common misconceptions


Having a fast and reliable internet connection is crucial in today’s connected world. Exposure to the latest broadband technologies available is imperative to future-proof your business, and accommodate for the growing demands of faster broadband. A slow or unreliable connection can be detrimental to the success of most organisations. As we journey through the era of technological evolution, internet connectivity has seen significant advancements. The emergence of fibre broadband is a hot topic in the landscape of technology, that promises high-speed, reliable, and efficient internet access.

Despite its growing popularity and undeniable benefits, misconceptions about full fibre broadband persist. These myths often cloud judgement and hinder the adoption of this transformative technology.

  • Myth 1: Full fibre breaks the bank.
  • Myth 2: Full fibre installs are a headache.
  • Myth 3: Full fibre is only for large businesses.

In this article, we shed light on the realities of fibre broadband, challenging the top three myths and revealing the tangible benefits of full fibre for businesses of all sizes.

Myth 1: Full fibre breaks the bank

Any investment into your businesses infrastructure can carry a cost. Full fibre is not a wallet buster, it’s a smart investment in ultra-fast, future proof connectivity that’s affordable. The cost of full fibre has reduced within recent years, due to widespread adoption.

In the UK, outdated infrastructures and unreliable internet connections are still obstacles to business expansion. It’s crucial for businesses to recognise the financial benefits and potential for revenue growth that come with switching to full fibre. The superior speed of full fibre can facilitate the effective employment of sophisticated cloud solutions, while VoIP technology offers reductions in line rental costs, impeccable call quality, and access to data that can drive sales.

Myth 2: Full fibre installs are a headache

Full fibre doesn’t need to be complex. While it is true that switching from Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) to Fibre (FTTP), requires specialised skills and equipment, it doesn’t have to be complex.

With our networks and simplified processes, full fibre rolls out smoothly, ensuring you stay connected without interruption.

Myth 3: Fibre is only for large businesses

The scale of a business is not the critical factor; rather, it’s the speed of operations. Comprehensive fibre connectivity is not just a luxury for the big players; it represents the forthcoming standard that will benefit everyone.

The notion that only large enterprises require the fastest internet speeds is a misconception. In today’s digital age, where agility and quick response times are paramount, having full fibre broadband is a necessity for businesses of all sizes. It enables seamless communication, efficient data transfer, and the ability to compete in a fast-paced market.

Full fibre is not a question of luxury, but a fundamental requirement for future-proofing any business, ensuring they remain competitive and capable of growth in an increasingly connected world.

Do I need full fibre broadband?

Don’t put up with slow broadband speeds. Patchy connections should be a distant memory. For effective and efficient connectivity to exist, you require the right infrastructure.

At VCG, we are network infrastructure specialists with over 25 years of experience in complex networks and secure connectivity. We understand businesses may be nervous about making the switch, which is why we have a dedicated team of experts to answer all your questions.

If you would like to learn more about how VCG can assist in upgrading your broadband, contact us.

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