Future Connectivity and Network Readiness

Cloud Networking’s Zeitgeist Moment

The digital landscape continues to evolve and transform how we interact with the world, both at work and home, as advancements in technology driven by cloud services and seamless connectivity shape society’s advancement.

Network advancements are at the core of business transformation and productivity growth as secure communications provide access to systems from anywhere on any device.

Current business networks are typically expensive to maintain, with the management and adoption of new technologies both cumbersome and problematic. Upgrades can be difficult and ensuring they’re patched, secure, and current is essential to protect against the threats from cyberspace.

And whilst upgrade options continue, many organisations continue to sweat existing IT assets and don’t factor in the weaknesses of old infrastructure or the opportunities that network transformation will deliver.

Developing a networking and connectivity roadmap to optimise investment and provide the flexibility needed to be dynamic and relevant is therefore becoming essential to strategic IT planning and business longevity.

Networking Transformation

Modern networking operating models enhance the agility of network operations and systems to meet rapidly evolving business requirements, optimising costs, and streamlining the management of on-premise and hybrid infrastructures.

Utilising the latest technology encourages business innovation and system friction is minimised through more consistent and simplified processes that adhere to business objectives. Existing and new applications seamlessly communicate with each other and bringing a cloud operating model to the network transforms the entire IT experience.

A cloud operating model incorporating the network provides greater insight and data-driven intelligence to simplify and boost a previously complex interface, and extending end-to-end operational management and automation enables IT teams to focus on more strategic and innovative priorities.

End-to-End Visibility of Everything

Monitoring and managing network infrastructure, systems, and application performance via a single portal and dashboard is a major benefit of a cloud-based networking approach.

Operational visibility is optimised – enabling a speedy resolution of issues and rapid troubleshooting to immediately assess the situation and ensure data, workloads, and applications remain operational and connected at all times.

Minimising downtime through secure multi-cloud networking improves workforce productivity and provides commercially advantageous consumption models that include on-premise, as a service, on-demand, and pay-as-you-go – boosting cost efficiencies and performance.

Current Network Assessment

Undertaking an assessment of your current networking infrastructure and whether it is capable of meeting your needs now and into the future is a crucial element of strategic business planning. Our tried and tested process, undertaken by our network and connectivity specialists, includes a network assessment report, that looks at all aspects of your current infrastructure, and in consultation with yourselves, considers your technology requirements for the future.

Areas of focus include:

  • Visibility of the network and all aspects of your connected infrastructure.
  • Current investment and budget, to identify waste and optimise costs.
  • System and Data security and management, including downtime, failures, and issues.
  • Existing plans for infrastructure development and cloud services strategy.

As a first stage in planning future connectivity and network readiness, a professional assessment for an IT services partner will help you improve agility, efficiency, and scalability.

VCG’s Core Network

Our own UK wide backbone network is built for the future and we enable customers with multi-site locations to configure their architecture to minimise use of the public internet by accessing our Tier One infrastructure to route traffic securely and efficiently across their business. Partnering with VCG for networking and connectivity provides:

  • Technical capability and consulting expertise
    Accredited to the highest levels by our technology partners, including Cisco, Fortinet, Microsoft, and AWS – we are ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 accredited, ensuring the highest levels of service quality to keep you protected, compliant, and connected.
  • Networking and Cloud Native focus
    Helping you create networking, connectivity, and cloud infrastructures that are built for the future as you transition to an ever more agile and secure operation.
  • Comprehensive cyber defence
    Integrated security solutions across the entire attack surface area provides layers of defence, with dynamic, automated security responses, and business continuity, providing 24×365 real-time monitoring and threat mitigation – keeping you operational at all times.


Next Steps

Planning and evolving future-proofed networking and connectivity is an on-going process and we help you to right size, optimise, converge, and operate an end-to-end IT infrastructure that’s truly built for the future. Our accredited partnership with Cisco, and other global leading players, mean we are ideally positioned to help you control and lower operating costs whilst accelerating performance and boosting productivity.

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