IT and IoT convergence in action: the new era of physical environments with Cisco Meraki


In recent years, the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised the way we perceive and interact with the physical environment.

In this article, Jawaid Iqbal, our Head of Pre-sales and Solutions talks about the integration of IT and IoT convergence, which has given rise to a new era of interconnected, intelligent environments. We explore the transformative journey of Meraki, a company at the forefront of this convergence, and how their solutions are shaping the landscape of modern physical environments.

The Meraki story

Meraki, a subsidiary of Cisco, has been delivering cloud-managed IT solutions. Their expertise in IoT convergence emerged from a vision to collect intelligent, self-aware networks capable of adapting to the evolving needs of businesses and organisations.

Meraki has expanded its product portfolio, to include a wide range of IoT devices that seamlessly integrate with its cloud-managed networking solutions:

  • Smart cameras
  • Environmental sensors
  • Locational analytics devices

Merakis’ IoT offerings enable organisations to create intelligent, data-driven environments. For example, businesses can optimise energy usage based on real-time occupancy data collected by sensors, leading to significant cost savings.

Through a centralised cloud platform, organisations can oversee and govern their IT infrastructure and IoT devices. This not only simplifies network deployment and maintenance, but also facilitates real-time data analysis, enabling informed decision-making.

The importance of security

Security remains a paramount concern in the realm of IT and IoT convergence. Meraki addresses this challenge by providing robust security features into its solutions. Employing end-to-end encryption, threat detection, and automated security updates, Meraki ensures that connected environments are shielded from potential vulnerabilities.

They have recently expanded their Cisco Catalyst 9300-M-Cloud-Managed switching portfolio, adding new security capabilities. These devices will be managed natively from the Meraki dashboard, their first step towards full cloud management for their Catalyst switching portfolio.

Is your network infrastructure ready for the future growth of IoT devices?

Cisco Meraki state that by 2027, IoT devices are expected to grow by 50%. As the number of businesses deploying IoT devices increases, it could lead to network congestion and poor response times.

Businesses must ensure they have a resilient infrastructure in place, ready to handle the expected growth of IoT.

The convergence of IT and IoT impacts various industries, particularly in the context of smart spaces. In healthcare, Meraki’s solutions provide base for the development of smart hospitals equipped with interconnected medical devices, elevating patient care and operational efficiency. In the retail sector, intelligent networks facilitate personalised thorough location-based services and analytics.

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