Customer experience

Simplified customer care and digital engagement

Customer experience

Simplified customer care and digital engagement
The need for a unified customer experience

The proliferation of digital technologies and devices means customer needs and expectations are evolving faster than at any other time in history, and businesses must strive to deliver on every front, at all times

From the ease of navigating of your website to the availability of your customer services and the way your products are delivered, every customer-facing element of your business needs to be working to deliver a consistently positive CX.

Solving together
  • Adequate bandwidth and speeds to support customer conversations across multiple platforms
  • Tools for collecting, collating and analysing relevant data and intelligence from multiple platforms
  • A means of integrating platforms and CRM systems
  • A unified approach to data, collaboration platforms and site-to-site connectivity
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Delivering a seamless customer experience
  • Reliable connectivity that scales with your business
  • Unified Communications solutions for improved CX and organisational efficiency
  • Enhanced data visibility and control
  • Cloud and data centre solutions for increased agility, security, automation and cost-efficiency
  • Cyber security solutions for all your remote, on-premise and hybrid teams
  • Managed services to take care of your infrastructure and operations
A woman enjoying a video conference supported by reliable and efficient connectivity and security services
  • Featured case study
    Evri (The New Hermes)
    Since working with VCG we have opened 17 new sites and deployed 12 ‘depot in a box’ solutions at great speed. The network infrastructure and design architecture in place have helped us grow as a business and expand our network rapidly and securely. They have demonstrated on many occasions that they have the agility to work to our changing demands but during the pandemic, our increased network capacity was truly the evidence for that
  • Featured case study
    The new system is already enabling our Area, Display, and Training managers to get better access to our Head Office systems when in-store. They can now easily connect to our wireless network giving them full and quick access to all our systems.
  • Featured case study
    The British Heart Foundation
    Implementation of a private, fully managed network helped BHF to securely and efficiently streamline the delivery of critical services including ecommerce applications, email, telephony, multimedia applications, CCTV and Wi-Fi
  • Featured case study
    Page Group
    VCG have transformed our guest and user experience. It’s an un-written rule that users expect fast and reliable internet access, and now we deliver on that expectation. Operating from the cloud means we can manage all EU sites centrally, and protect our investment with integration of new sites in the future.
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