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Cisco Umbrella analyses over 230 million web queries in just a month

Through the eyes of our managed security.

Sometimes the numbers are just too compelling to ignore.

Organisations know that more mobility and more cloud apps result in more breaches at the endpoint. IT managers face this every day, but what is the perceived volume of threats vs. reality? We took a view from one of our customers to find out.

Our customer is a global business with over 4,000 users, having deployed Cisco Umbrella and AMP for endpoints. They are typical of any organisation in that security is a high priority, and they have worked with VCG to implement a resilient cyber security infrastructure. Below are the security threats we’ve seen them face (and prevent) in a just a single month.  This data, which is updated in real time, was pulled from the cloud interface for Umbrella and AMP in seconds.

Umbrella stats in the last month

  • 235 million total web DNS queries analysed
  • 2.7 million total security events
  • 11 million malicious or undesirable destinations blocked.

AMP for Endpoints stats for the last 2 weeks.

  • 77.4 million files scanned
  • 14.8 million IP’s scanned
  • 142 threat detections or malware executions resolved on the endpoint

What does this tell us?

These statistics are able to provide us with a number of key insights. The sheer volume of DNS the workforce accesses on any given day means that employees will inevitably come into contact with malicious destinations. Malware is continually evolving and will get through even the most robust defences. Additionally, the traditional on-premise security solutions aren’t equipped to detect or prevent the level of threat experienced by our customer in the last month alone.

In essence a layered approach to cyber security is critical, this is needed to prevent connections to malicious destinations at the DNS and IP layer. An additional layer is required to work at a file level to prevent the initial malware execution and track file behaviour over time.

What’s next?

If you could see the numbers behind your organisation, would this change how you implement your security? Request a 14 day free and no obligation trial for Cisco Umbrella and AMP for endpoints to see what security threats you are facing.

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