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Five reasons businesses are moving their security to a Managed Services Provider


Cyber Security threats are continuing to increase in size and complexity, and pose greater risks to enterprises than ever before. The malware and threats we face now are extremely difficult to remediate. Enterprises are slowly coming to realise that their IT management teams are not Cyber Security experts, and consequently skills outside of the enterprise are required.

With a Managed Security Service that bridges the skills gap, enterprises of all sizes can be more secure in their day to day operations.

Here are five key signs that indicate when a business should consider partnering with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP):

Are you ignoring alerts? Enterprises ignore security alerts because they get so many and ultimately find them useless. According to a recent study, the average enterprise generates nearly 2.7 billion alerts from its devices per month.  A tiny fraction of these are actual threats – less than one in one million. More than 31 percent of the study respondents admitted ignoring alerts altogether because they think so many alerts are false positives, and more than 40 percent feel the alerts they receive lack actionable intelligence. If you are ignoring alerts, you could use an MSSP as a frontline of defense, limiting the opportunity of false positives and offering actionable information. VCG Monitoring and Alerting can not only manage alerts for you and provide the added analysis you need to justify action, VCG can and will resolve the real threats as part of the service.

Are you making the same mistakes? Enterprise IT Management teams are so overwhelmed with threat management and response they don’t have the time to debrief afterwards to analyse what worked and what didn’t. This is an important part of the process because there is something to be learned from each event that can help when dealing with future events. If you are repeating errors then VCG SOC services can help. VCG will analyse every alert and provide information back to you that will help you learn from each event and improve future response.

You have many different cybersecurity solutions. Most organisations have a multitude of cyber security platforms and often from different vendors. Some security standards encourage vendor diversity, to provide defence in depth. Even if you have done your homework and created a complimentary environment for your cyber security estate, it is impossible to see what is happening on each one all the time. The VCG cyber security monitoring and alerting can take in the output from the platforms and centralise all the solutions and data together for better incident management.

You don’t know when or how incidents are resolved. Because of the variety of platforms, all of which are being updated at least daily, it is difficult to find out how a threat or threat treatment was resolved.  VCG Monitoring and alerting platform can provide complete visibility from alert to resolution so you know the exact, at-the-moment status of each and every threat, as well as how it was resolved.

Your CEO needs the company to be trusted! There is a real need today for companies to be trustworthy in their dealings.  Managing the data from their customers, for their clients and for the brand of the business is critical. Trust these days is earned (business to business) by either accreditation (Cyber Essentials, ISO27001, PCI-DSS and others) or by simple proof. That proof, although it exists on all the devices in your enterprise, is in silo’s. VCG’s Monitoring and Alerting allows an instantaneous assessment of an enterprises Cyber Security status and can produce on an ad-hoc basis a report that can be shared with business partner organisations.

Learn more about a Security Managed Service from VCG, or speak to one of our customer experience team to see how a Managed Service can work for you.

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