Cyber Security

Identifying Security Vulnerabilities

Understand what’s happening & what’s needed

Cybercrime has reached epidemic proportions and as threats become more sophisticated and damaging, governments across the globe are actively encouraging greater awareness and action.

Security breaches and legal compliance are the top two current concerns for the boardroom as ‘Mission Critical’ protection becomes vital for business survival. We help you guard against the devastating damage to reputation and loss of revenue that can occur following a cyber incident.

Following the National Cyber Security Centre and Government guidelines, our 5-point framework provides ‘best practice’ advice for end-to-end infrastructure protection.

Vulnerabilities are both digital and human, and it’s important to accept that you can’t implement full protection without assessing and understanding what needs to be done.

All organisations have invested in cyber security to some extent, and before anything else – we help you identify and define the critical elements to your business operation.

We’ll fully assess your current infrastructure and systems protection – highlighting existing vulnerabilities and providing a roadmap of modular solutions to ensure all possible measures to mitigate and protect against the damaging consequences of an attack have been implemented.

We can help you with:

We review your operational systems and applications along with the data and information you hold, where it’s stored, and the levels of sensitivity of that data. Baselining existing arrangement enables a full understanding of the impact a security breach may have (or may actually be having) on your organisation.

Regulatory and compliance rules such as PCI and other guidelines are increasingly important, and we provide detailed analysis and advice about your current set-up to ensure you comply with, and exceed, any legal requirements and mandates.

You’re only as good as your last result, and in the rapidly changing world of cybercrime, nothing stands still for a moment. From penetration testing and an assessment of your vulnerabilities, we’ll identify weaknesses in your infrastructure before they are exploited by criminals. Rigorous and regular testing with corrective action is the only way to stay ahead of cybercrime.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
For many organisations, having a full time CISO is not viable, so having access to an informed and accessible senior consultant will plug your skills gaps and ensure you’re at the forefront of cyber protection. A CISO resource provides on-going guidance on security arrangements, future strategy and decision making.

Professional Services
With extensive cyber security expertise, our specialist consultants will help you audit existing infrastructure and processes – identifying current vulnerabilities, and recommending and implementing robust security solutions to meet your exact requirements.

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