VCG boost Customer Success Practice with Cisco’s Advanced Customer Experience Specialization

The right IT solution has been planned, purchased, configured, delivered and implemented on time, but has the wider business perceived the investment as a success? Actually, many businesses will never see the full value of their IT investments from their solutions providers. With a transition to more cloud-based services and OPEX investments, the gap between the ‘potential’ outcome (whether that’s user adoption, feature adoption, meeting time frames for deployment etc.)  vs. ‘actual’ is growing as organisations struggle to effectively adopt new cloud technologies. That’s where customer success comes in.

So, what exactly does customer success mean for VCG, and more importantly, to our customers?

Put simply, customer success is a business methodology that ensures our customers get the most from VCG products and services. It starts by asking ‘WHY?’ What is driving this business change? From there, we use consistent, process-driven engagements, along with real-time data, analytics and automation to bring those business goals to reality, from point of purchase, through to technology adoption and renewals. To make this happen, VCG have made significant investments internally in training, process optimisation, and a suite of new tools, combined with 15 years of industry experience.

This isn’t limited to new products or solutions; we understand business use cases change, and we review existing solution deployments to ensure our customers are adopting all of the relevant features and functionalities in the right way, and help them to expand these solutions successfully within their business. We also delivery regular technology strategies and roadmaps to ensure our customers have a clear vision.

We’re pleased to say that VCG are one of only few Cisco partners to achieve Cisco’s Advanced Customer Experience Specialization. With this accreditation VCG have demonstrated the ability to provide the highest level of service across all Cisco technologies and integrate this throughout our existing Customer Success Practice.

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