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VCG expands Secure Operations Centre with Cyber Security Monitoring and Alerting Service

Do you know how often your organisation is targeted by cyber security events? Are you able to assess how serious these events are, and do you know how to respond? Do you have the expertise available 24×7 to act swiftly in order to limit the damage?

For businesses that answered “no” to any of these questions, VCG have launched a new Cyber Security Monitoring and Alerting ServiceOur service uses a global-monitoring platform and analyst support to provide you with real-time cyber security analysis and response for your business 24x7x365.   

In an environment where businesses are overwhelmed with data, organisations that can prove they are fully protected, trustworthy and compliant will not only win more customers, build powerful partnerships and secure more investment, they will also be free to innovate and grow at speed, safe in the knowledge they are secure. 

Maintaining compliance – an uphill battle? 

An unprecedented level of remote working and cloud-based services means organisations are required to analyse huge volumes of data to find and remediate threats. Businesses must continually invest in ever-more sophisticated cyber security solutions to protect their estate, along with hiring and continually training the skilled cyber security personnel to manage those solutions 24x7x365. With a growing pressure on budgetsprotecting your business has become increasingly expensive.  

Bringing security in-house can raise more questions than solutions. This is because businesses and third parties employ a patchwork-quilt approach, using both security incident and event management (SIEM) logging and alerting platforms, as well as setting up a security operations centres (SOC). Without the right levels of investment and expertise, the result can be a mass of data, lots of questions and very few immediately actionable insights.  

VCG’s monitoring and alerting service uses both SIEM and SOC approaches, but we overlay these systems with human expertise to generate powerful actionable insights on your behalf. You get a fully trained SOC team at your disposal 24x7x365, access to your own customisable real-time dashboard and instant access to pre-defined compliance reports.    

VCG’s new monitoring and alerting service enables you to confidently outsource the job of protecting your businesswhilst receiving a set-price, and a cost-effective and fully scalable solution – while freeing up your IT teams to innovate.  

Monitoring, detecting and analysing threats 

Our solution is designed to monitor, detect and analyse anomalies and indicators of compromise (IOCs) in real time, right across your business, assessing the levels of risk and alerting you when necessary. The VCG Monitoring & Alerting Portal (ProVision) provides critical visibility into your security posture. It features 

  • A fixed-cost service including; analyst by name, regular reports, 24x7x365 alerting, monitoring and escalation 
  • Monitor your environment for compliance or customer requirement  
  • Constant vision and analysis of your network and facilities status 
  • A fully experienced SOC team assigned to you at all times  
  • Have a team that covers “your people” out of hours 
  • Build customer confidence. 

All these benefits are available regardless of geography, technology or whether your networks are cloud-based or on premise. The VCG  team will deliver all of this protection 24x7x365. 

Overcoming barriers to growth 

Cyber security threats present three universal barriers to growth. Our new monitoring and alerting service has been designed to address these barriers so that your organisation can thrive within a safe environment. These barriers are: 

The trust deficit 

Third-party attacks, in which threat actors gain access to their target’s network via a supplier or contractor, are becoming increasingly common. Airbus suffered at least four such attacks in 2019, in which hackers attempted to steal valuable intellectual property regarding the manufacturer’s military and commercial aircraft technology. The risk of third-party attacks can drive a wedge between trading partners, reducing opportunities for fast and effective collaboration.     

VCG’s service will reassure your partners that your business is fully secure and trustworthy at all times.   

Proving compliance  

Whether you have Cyber Essentials Plus or ISO27001 accreditation, every time you change or modify your environment you can potentially invalidate your accreditation and introduce opportunities for a cyber security breach.  

Our service provides solid evidence to help your organisation become fully compliant and up to accreditation standards at all times.   

Shouldering the regulatory burden 

The regulatory burden on businesses has never been greater. In particular IT teams, data owners and users need to prove they are adhering to strict rules around protection of personally identifiable information and confidential data. GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 set out in fine detail the responsibilities organisations must shoulder – and the consequences they face should they fall short of the mark.  

Our service takes care of all the relevant regulation so you don’t have to. You can then prove beyond doubt there has been no data breach of your digital networks.  

Find out more about VCG’s Cyber Security Monitoring and Alerting Service, contact our team now.

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