Full Fibre and FTTx

Upgrade your connectivity services to faster speeds and resilience

Full Fibre and FTTx

Upgrade your connectivity services to faster speeds and resilience
Faster speeds, secure applications, more productive teams
Why full fibre connectivity is for you

As data becomes more central to the running of SMEs across all sectors, full fibre helps future-proof businesses by providing faster speeds and greater bandwidth more reliably.

For businesses working across multiple sites and relying on cloud computing for things like CRM, data storage, business-critical applications and collaboration platforms, full fibre delivers the ultrafast speeds necessary to support free and constant access to data, applications and resources.


Business benefits
  • Fast: Download/upload speeds of up to 10Gbps
  • Symmetric speeds: Upload and download speeds are the same, so teams can send high-res files as quickly as they receive them
  • Low latency: No delays to data transfer, ensuring smoother collaboration and better-quality VoIP
  • Increased bandwidth: Seamless support for HD video, web conferencing, SIP trunking and file sharing
  • Cost-efficient: Fast, reliable connections resulting in massive productivity gains
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The Great Switch Off

Increased application performance for the modern business
Network capacity and broadband speeds

With full fibre, everyone, in every office, benefits from fast, uninterrupted access to data, emails, file transfers, VOIP telephony, videoconferencing and cloud-based services – all those things that keep your business running smoothly.

While access has generally been the biggest barrier for SMEs looking to connect with full fibre, a nationwide infrastructure upgrade is well underway and full fibre is becoming much more readily available.

At VCG, we partner with the nations greatest providers of full fibre and FTTx, so that we offer our customers the right solutions for the technology journey they are on.

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  • Featured case study
    Kwik Fit
    “VCG is a trusted provider with a great reputation for technical expertise and service delivery. The team is adaptable, very easy to work with and have quickly become a valued partner. The reporting has been strong. When an issue happens, getting people together to resolve it has been quick and effective. The partnership has made a positive impact on our business operations.”
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