Wavelength Services

Lightning-fast, ultra-reliable connectivity up to 100Gbps over your own dedicated network

Wavelength Services

Lightning-fast, ultra-reliable connectivity up to 100Gbps over your own dedicated network
Next-generation connectivity options
Predictable capacity over private connections to ensure a super-fast speeds
The connectivity challenge

Businesses of all sizes and across all industries need fast, strong and reliable connectivity these days. With so much of our work – and our lives – being carried out digitally and online, it’s essential that businesses and the people within them are connected at all times and in all places.

Not for your teams, not for your bottom line, and not for your customers, who are demanding more, faster and better access all the time.



High-speed connectivity with Wavelength Services

Business benefits:

  • Reliable, low-latency connectivity over dedicated networks
  • Super-fast speeds up to 100Gbps
  • Private circuit networks to safeguard sensitive data
  • Choice of routes and access speeds
  • High-capacity bandwidth for large-volume data transfers
  • Cost efficiencies, with low per-bit prices
High-speed connectivity connecting places all over a city
High capacity network services
Superfast connectivity
Superfast, robust connectivity

Solving challenges such as:

  • Geographical distance of multiple locations
  • Rapidly changing customer needs and expectations
  • Increasing volumes of data generated across the business
  • Hybrid working models
  • Security and compliance concerns
  • Complex application and software ecosystems
  • Increasing need for simultaneous streaming
  • and large data transfers
IT environment with people at their computers and screens with data
  • Featured case study
    A bespoke SD WAN store model, designed by VCG, is enabling the swift and cost-effective launch of 60 new stores across Poland. Here’s how that partnership came about.
  • Featured case study
    Kwik Fit
    “VCG is a trusted provider with a great reputation for technical expertise and service delivery. The team is adaptable, very easy to work with and have quickly become a valued partner. The reporting has been strong. When an issue happens, getting people together to resolve it has been quick and effective. The partnership has made a positive impact on our business operations.”
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