Managed threat detection

Deliver real-time monitoring and alerting of threats 24x7x365

Managed threat detection

Deliver real-time monitoring and alerting of threats 24x7x365
Achieving cyber resilience at less cost and with less effort
Protecting people, data and devices is critical

Your business generates a mass of information that can lead to disruptive events and potential incidents. To be able to recognise, analyse and react to this information in a timely, efficient, and proportional manner, businesses need the know-how to detect, analyse, block and contain any threats.

Threat evaluation and the necessity for real-time remediation is required to ensure that business as usual is maintained.

Our cyber security monitoring and alerting service can provide you with a business-wide solution.

Business challenges
  • Distributed technology, tools, data and devices
  • Time and resources to manage and monitor platforms and get the maximum benefits
  • Mitigating and managing cybercrime around the clock
  • Real-time monitoring
SOC & SIEM services for complete peace of mind
Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)
User and endpoint protection

Managing trust, compliance and regulatory requirements are just some of the business challenges IT decision-makers are looking to solve when it comes to evolving security strategies.

The increased vulnerability to cybercrime and exponential growth of data will be critical for many organisations in the foreseeable future.

Receive 24 x 7 availability and expertise to pre-empt and respond to cyber threats and secure all devices and access points to your network.

Our solutions and services can help you:
  • Mitigate cybercrime and continuously adapt to evolving cyber threats
  • Unify protection across networks and cloud environments
  • Improve response and recovery
  • Reduce the time to detection and response
  • Unify visibility to distributed environments
  • Easy management of firewalls and devices
  • Evolve your cyber security strategy
  • Featured case study
    Wales & West Housing
    VCG partnered with Wales & West Housing to provide secure and visible internet access to their users across all devices, both on and off the corporate network.
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