Secure Access Service Edge ( SASE )

Deliver seamless, secure access to applications – no matter where the user is located.

Secure Access Service Edge ( SASE )

Deliver seamless, secure access to applications – no matter where the user is located.
Solving connectivity, security and access to data
Protecting the modern business

The increasingly distributed workforce and acceleration to the cloud make network access, speed and simplicity of topology a truly complex challenge for businesses looking to adapt their security posture to the new ‘cloud first’ requirements.

SASE converges network performance with security needs in the cloud to deliver seamless, secure access to applications – no matter where the user is located.

The model aims to bring all the functions together into one, fully integrated cloud based service.

Business impact
  • Network performance and secure access to applications in any environment, from anywhere
  • Location mobility, security and access, all in one service
  • Dynamic security policies across locations and users
  • A simplified architecture, from a single provider
  • End-to-end consulting, design and solution delivery
Evolve your security operations and cloud-first strategy
Ensure business continuity
Full visibility of your network and security

Every organisation has different architectures, business goals and investments. SASE allows organisations to move away from purchasing various point-products to secure different parts of their networks and adopt a more operational process.

The benefits of adopting a SASE model are also truly unlocked when you work with a single partner who can manage and have full visibility of your network and security requirements.

Core functions include:
  • SD-WAN
  • Secure web gateway
  • Firewall as a service
  • Cloud access security broker
  • Zero-trust network access
  • Performance monitoring from
  • End-user to application
  • Featured case study
    Wales & West Housing
    VCG partnered with Wales & West Housing to provide secure and visible internet access to their users across all devices, both on and off the corporate network.
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