Preparing your business for the 2025 PSTN switch off

The Great Switch off

The switch off is expected to affect 42% of SMEs (over 2.4 million) and 33% of larger firms which are reportedly still using analogue lines to transmit data.

In 2025, the UK’s telephony infrastructure will enter a new era as the nation’s biggest operator shuts down its PSTN circuits completely.

This not only means that telephony services will be the only ones affected. For some businesses, this will include things like door entry systems, payment services, Epos, Paypoint and building or fire alarms.

While BT’s PSTN switch-off isn’t a choice business leaders have made, it now falls to them to ensure there is no fallout from the move to VoIP, and the rest of the IT environment will work seamlessly with the new system.

Find out about the business impact and how to prepare for the 2025  PSTN switch off.

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