VCG Announces Move to Clockwise Cheltenham


We’ve moved houses!  

We are excited to announce that our Cheltenham office has now moved from Hadley House to Clockwise Cheltenham, based in the heart of the town. This move represents a positive step forward for our employees and a step into a modern, collaborative work environment.

Over the last 7 years, we have advocated both flexible and hybrid working arrangements for different teams across the country.  Our new Cheltenham office will remain our hub in the South with a presence that allows local and regional businesses to access the team’s expertise and our trusted technical know-how.

“Our new co-working space in Cheltenham is a reflection of our commitment to providing our employees with a modern work environment,” said Robert Moss, CEO of VCG. “We believe that this move will allow greater collaboration in our team and amongst our vendors, customers, and partners.”

The Cheltenham office move is one of the latest transformation initiatives at VCG, with bigger opportunities, such as a renewed focus on the CX practice and technology lifecycle services being part of the consolidation journey VCG undergone over the last 16 months.

In addition to our presence in Cheltenham, VCG also has offices in Manchester and Exeter, demonstrating our commitment to serving our customers across the UK.

VCG Technology Services are a network infrastructure specialist with over 20 years of knowhow in multi-site connectivity and network infrastructure management.

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