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Identifying Security Vulnerabilities

Understand what’s happening & what’s needed Cybercrime has reached epidemic proportions and as threats become more sophisticated and damaging, governments across the globe are actively [...]

Optimising IT and technology costs in the digital economy

SMEs striving for better cost management are facing significant challenges at the moment. A tanking economy, unpredictability in the markets, rocketing supply chain prices and a cost-of-living crisis [...]

Accept nothing less. Zero Trust Security

With cyber threat levels at epidemic proportions and the battle between IT leaders and criminals becoming ever more challenging, one thing is for certain – the clear and present danger is here [...]

The return of REvil: Increased ransomware attempts on Remote Management tool

By Aaron Londsdale, VCG Security Manager A recent surge in ransomware attempts is thought to be linked to the re-emergence of the notorious Russian hacking group, REvil, in the wake of the [...]

Solving the ‘No Network Edge’ Conundrum

Workstyle changes and the global reaction to the pandemic forced many organisations to rapidly introduce new ways of working, and whilst many of the changes were already on the cards, digital [...]

Business connectivity explained. Options for the digital workforce

For small- and medium-sized businesses working across multiple sites, fast, reliable and robust connectivity is essential. Whether you use broadband to transfer data between offices, have customers [...]


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Tech for Purpose

September 28, 2022

Right-sizing technology for best business outcomes and social impact

1-2-1 workshop

Cyber security 1-2-1 consultation

Meet The Experts:
Security solutions specialist - Anthony Owen

Discover how to pre-empt data loss, avoid PR embarrassment and the remediation costs associated with breaches. Our specialists can help you review technology and existing security infrastructure across the organisation and identify the risks you are being exposed to.

1-2-1 workshop

Microsoft licensing 1-2-1 assessment

Meet The Experts:
Microsoft Practice Lead - Matt Gifford

Save unnecessary spend or hidden costs on Microsoft licensing and pre-empt compliance risks. Request a 30 minute, 1-2-1 consultation and we can help you verify your purchased licensing, identify areas of Microsoft licensing shortfall and propose more effective licensing options.

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Microsoft licensing – optimising spend and compliance

Meet The Experts:
Microsoft Practice Lead - Matt Gifford

Understand your Microsoft licencing position and identify any likely areas of licencing shortfall. Our experts will help you understand how you can save huge expense, optimise spend and help build a true picture of your organisation’s licensing requirements

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Secure Analytics– workload optimisation in the Cloud

Meet The Experts:
Security solutions specialist – Anthony Owen
Cybersecurity product specialist - Cisco

Understand traffic and how infrastructure operates under normal conditions: what are the visibility challenges organisations have and how do you enable workload optimisation in cloud environments?

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Evolving your cyber strategy – protecting people, data and devices

Meet the experts:
Security solutions specialist - Anthony Owen
Chief Information Officer – Roy Reynolds

Top tips on how to make your security strategy successful: manage IT security risks in the digital economy and understand how to tackle the changing nature of malware and end point vulnerabilities.

Case Studies

Technology for Public Sector

A Public Sector use case

Datacentre, network, and collaboration services refresh

New HQ and Business Expansion Datacentre, network, and collaboration services refresh.

Evri (The New Hermes)

Since working with VCG we have opened 17 new sites and deployed 12 ‘depot in a box’ solutions at great speed. The network infrastructure and design architecture in place have helped us grow as a business and expand our network rapidly and securely. They have demonstrated on many occasions that they have the agility to work to our changing demands but during the pandemic, our increased network capacity was truly the evidence for that

VCG provides expertise

The new system is already enabling our Area, Display, and Training managers to get better access to our Head Office systems when in-store. They can now easily connect to our wireless network giving them full and quick access to all our systems.

Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Network and Collaboration refresh

VCG’s approach to doing business with potential clients is exceptional. They invest significant time and resource during the tendering process to understand your business requirements before applying their expertise and experience in offering an optimal solution

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