News, Events, Success Stories

News, Events, Success Stories


What’s on the agenda for retail in 2024: maximising retail stores in a digital era

In a recent roundtable ‘Physical Attraction: Maximising Retail Stores in a Digital Era’, co-hosted alongside Retail Gazette and PA Consulting, VCG’s CIO, Roy Reynolds and Sales and Marketing [...]

Embrace the Future of Telephony with VOIP

According to reports, around 2.4 million businesses across the UK still operate on legacy phone lines and ISDN services (eFax). 7 years ago, Openreach declared its plan to phase out the use of [...]

Future Connectivity and Network Readiness

Cloud Networking’s Zeitgeist Moment The digital landscape continues to evolve and transform how we interact with the world, both at work and home, as advancements in technology driven by cloud [...]

IT Infrastructure Built for the Future

C-suite Network Readiness Checklist Understanding the performance of your network, systems, and applications is essential to strategic planning, because if your network and infrastructure aren’t [...]

Navigating IT Infrastructure Challenges: Insights from VCG’s Report

VCG in partnership with Cisco, conducted research to study the modern-day IT infrastructure landscape, involving qualitative interviews and quantitative market analysis. This article unpacks the [...]

Transforming infrastructure: Admiral’s network transformation journey

Breaking boundaries through tech innovation  In today’s fast-paced business world, where innovation is the driving force behind success, several companies are redefining their essence and [...]

Case Studies

Some people's hands with business equipment on the global map suggesting remote working

Technology for Public Sector

Employees are able to work from home with secure remote access to their telephony services and systems. With VCG, our local authority is now able to enable workers to register and securely use devices outside the internal network and across the internet.

Datacentre, network, and collaboration services refresh

With a refreshed datacentre, network, communications and collaboration infrastructure – all supported by VCG, the board continue to plan for the future. Secure hybrid working has enhanced the customer experience, and omnichannel services are being developed to take customer care to the next level.

Evri (The New Hermes)

Since working with VCG we have opened 17 new sites and deployed 12 ‘depot in a box’ solutions at great speed. The network infrastructure and design architecture in place have helped us grow as a business and expand our network rapidly and securely. They have demonstrated on many occasions that they have the agility to work to our changing demands but during the pandemic, our increased network capacity was truly the evidence for that

VCG provides expertise

We have confidence that our IT infrastructure with the new SD-WAN solution will evolve with the growth in the business, allowing us to future-proof the enterprise. We have more visibility across the network, increased monitoring capability, and better protection and security on the network.

Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Network and Collaboration refresh

VCG’s approach to doing business with potential clients is exceptional. They invest significant time and resource during the tendering process to understand your business requirements before applying their expertise and experience in offering an optimal solution

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